Kimberly Lacy

Lifestyle Expert Designer TV Host

Seeing in full color brings me joy - Color makes the bass in my heart thump!  Boom, Boom, Boom!  Its like background music playing in my head.  I have a little taste of everything in the pot I'm brewing.    

I die for the transformation - how people feel about themselves, along with reviving the spaces where they find the most peace, Home.  Pretty sure that's why I adore butterflies.  For me life is about making it simple and finding solutions.  

 As a Lifestyle Expert, I'm faced with what most feel is a challenge; being responsible for showing others how to live their best life in style.  I cover all bases from spirituality, home and garden, food and nutrition to fashion and leisure luxury.  Living your best llfe wherever you are physically, emotionally and financially, allows you us to maneuver through life with style.  I like to use my arm and hand extension as a magic wand.  Everyone needs one of these ;)

Most recently I joined the cast of HGTVs Curb Appeal: the block, as a co-host and Project Manager extraordinaire.  I get down and dirty, literally, as we tackle neighborhoods in need one by one.  I hope you all stay tuned, stay interested and stay entertained.  I hope that you'll be inspired, as I march to the beat of my own drum.  Cue background music ;)  Life is about loving your neighbor and trusting each other.  Once we learn to identify Love and Trust and make that identification a habit and continue to live it, we own the Key to a Colorful Life.

Your fairy god-sister,